January 29, 2023

A change plan for Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory has been introduced this month, by which the second-stage manufacturing line, answerable for generating Type Ys, used to be effectively up to date on July 16. In the meantime, changes to the manufacturing unit’s first-stage manufacturing line, answerable for generating Type 3s, began on July 17, anticipated to finish by way of August 7, Chinese language media outlet 36Kr reported on July 23.

Many assets showed that workers of the second-stage manufacturing line had returned to paintings within the manufacturing unit, whilst the first-stage manufacturing line’s workers have been on holiday since July 17, and have been anticipated to renew paintings typically from August 8.

After the adjustments, the output of the first-stage manufacturing line in one day will achieve 500 to 600 gadgets. At this time, Tesla has resumed its three-shift manufacturing mode, with day by day manufacturing output of Type 3s achieving 1,000 to at least one,200 gadgets, whilst the reworked Type Y manufacturing line has climbed to the output of two,000 cars in line with day. As well as, its day by day output will achieve about 2,200 cars subsequent month.

In line with assets, the first-phase manufacturing line of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai took the lead in generating about 10,000 Type 3 cars for home supply after getting into the 3rd quarter, then it have been generating Type 3s for export till the holiday.

In its second-quarter monetary record launched on July 21, Tesla discussed that the factories in Shanghai and Fremont each reached the perfect per month output in historical past in the second one quarter. The Shanghai Gigafactory, which just lately upgraded its manufacturing capability, had an annual manufacturing capability of over 750,000 cars, achieving the perfect manufacturing capability at this time within the company. Company CEO Elon Musk stated that Tesla’s car manufacturing capability might ruin the corporate’s document in the second one part of this 12 months.

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The yearly manufacturing capability of the Shanghai Gigafactory will reportedly be expanded to about 1.1 to at least one.2 million cars. With the transformation of manufacturing strains, the manufacturing unit additionally ushered in a small recruitment height. The selection of process vacancies on the Gigafactory has expanded from 4 to 5 at the start of this month to fifteen now.

With the rise of Gigafactory’s capability, it may be predicted that Tesla’s supply velocity can even boost up. At this time, Tesla’s reputable Chinese language web page displays that the supply cycle of the Type 3 is 16 to twenty weeks, whilst that of the Type Y is 10 to fourteen weeks.