August 11, 2022
For plenty of, 2019 has been a tricky 12 months. Then again, within the web

For plenty of, 2019 has been a tricky 12 months. Then again, within the web group, it’s all the time about discovering the thrill amidst the dullness of on a regular basis existence. Positive phrases or words from hit films, video platforms and on-line influencers turn into buzzwords and began spreading throughout Chinese language social media platforms. By means of figuring out those phrases and the place they arrive from, we will be able to take a top into this 12 months’s Chinese language tendencies.

1. 我命由我不由天 (Wǒ mìng yóu wǒ bù yóu tiān)

My future isn’t written within the stars, however held in my palms. /I’m the grasp of my very own future.

This actual line is taken from one of the crucial widespread animations this 12 months Nezha. Within the film, Nezha used to be born with a demon spirit, cursed by means of his grasp to be punished by means of the lightning from heaven on the age of 3. With a rebellious nature, Nezha didn’t give up to his destiny. As an alternative, he fought in opposition to the heavenly curse and known as out the famend line, “My future isn’t written within the stars, however held in my palms.”

In fact, if we glance into conventional Chinese language classics, the road wasn’t coined within the 2019 animation. It originated from the well-known Taoist student Ge Hong from Japanese Jin dynasty. It’s an early manifestation of Taoist tenets. A person’s destiny is held in his personal palms.


Designers: “My future isn’t written by means of my shopper, however held in my palms.”
Programmers: “My future isn’t written by means of venture managers, however held in my palms.”
Scholars right through their thesis’ dissertation: “My future isn’t written by means of the professor, however held in my palms.”

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2. 996 ICU

996 operating tradition of Chinese language tech corporations

For younger operating execs in China, 996 has been on everybody’s lips in 2019. The 996 operating tradition, widespread a number of the tech group, refers to going to paintings at 9 within the morning and completing your paintings at 9 at night time. As an alternative of getting a complete weekend, many tech corporate staff paintings 6 days per week. Satirically, CEOs don’t essentially really feel dangerous about it in any respect. Jack Ma argued about 996 being a blessing. “Should you discovered your hobby in existence, there is not any such factor as 996; for those who don’t love your process, each and every minute is torture.” In the meantime, Richard Liu is busy telling other folks his heroic tale of his early occupation, about how he controlled to sleep at his place of job, waking up at the hours of darkness to finish a venture, and due to this fact his “fellow brothers” shouldn’t bitch about their tricky operating time table.

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Later this 12 months, Li Hongyuan, one in every of Huawei’s former staff used to be jailed for 251 days after difficult that the corporate pay him a freelance termination repayment of 300,000 yuan for over a decade of carrier.. Taking into consideration this example, 996 is probably not the worst factor that may occur to a tech company worker.


-Are you 996 now?
-996 my ass, we’re 007. (operating til nighttime seven days per week)

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3. 我酸了 (Wǒ suān le)

I am getting bitter/I’m resentful!

To get bitter manner to be resentful. It’s most commonly used as a self-mockery expression, regarding a way of envy in opposition to other folks’s look, social standing, from subject matter existence to like existence. It’s very similar to being green-eyed in English, however it doesn’t essentially lift a malicious feeling. Chinese language netizens use it to bitch about all types of just right issues going down in other folks’s lives.


My colleague’s boyfriend used to be born with a silver spoon. I am getting bitter.
My perfect good friend is getting married subsequent 12 months. I am getting bitter.

4. AWSL(啊我死了/A wǒ sǐ le)

I’m loss of life/ That is killing me!

“AWSL” used to be widespread on Chinese language ACG video platform Bilibili, and turned into the remark of the 12 months at the platform after it gave the impression greater than 3.3 million occasions between Dec. 1, 2018 and Nov. 30, 2019.

The expression is an emotional word expressing one’s affection, amusement and pleasure when observing a Bilibili video. “AWSL” is very similar to the colloquial English expression “That is killing me” or “I’m loss of life,” words which can be continuously mentioned when one thing, particularly on social media, is located to be extraordinarily lovable, thrilling, or humorous.

5. 太难了 (Tài nán le)

The preferred phrases got here from an web influencer Brother Giao at the brief video platform Kuaishou, who finishes each and every video with “Tài nán le. I believe so burdened in recent years.” It expresses a way of frustration and helplessness in opposition to the force of existence, which can be utilized in nearly any circumstance.


No annual bonus this 12 months. It’s too arduous.
Our corporate is having the 996 operating time table. It’s too arduous.

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6. 你是什么垃圾? (Nǐ shì shénme lājī?)

What sort of waste are you?

It got here from Shanghai’s waste classification coverage that used to be carried out this 12 months. Ranging from July 1, rules regarding classification of family waste in Shanghai got here into impact, pointing out that the entire family waste must be divided into 4 classes together with kitchen waste, recyclable waste, hazardous waste (batteries, and so forth) and different waste.

Shanghai used to be the primary town in China to ever continue with waste classification coverage, and the information puzzled many voters. In most cases there’s a senior volunteer woman guarding the large group trash bin, and those that come as much as throw away their trash are all requested the similar query “Nǐ shì shénme lājī?” which on this context refers to “what sort of waste are you keeping?” Then again, taking the word out of context it actually manner “What sort of waste are you?”. The pun has then been broadly unfold around the country. At the one hand, it displays the hardships for unusual voters looking to continue waste classification accordingly. Alternatively, this is a word mocking the entire hardworking “company slaves”, with a hilarious implication. “We’re trash, and that we wish to be labeled.”

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7. 车厘子自由 (Chē lí zǐ zì yóu)

cherry freedom

Culmination are getting ever costlier in China. Take cherries for instance. The top quality ones imported from New Zealand are round 320 yuan/kg. Even essentially the most unusual cherries value round 60 to 80 yuan in step with kilo. Subsequently the word “cherry freedom” used to be invented as a result of the associated fee going up daily. Just a fortunate few can experience this type of sumptuous privilege. Later, the announcing expanded and started to incorporate different sorts of freedoms.

A piece of writing titled “26-year-old, incomes over 10,000 yuan a month, not able to find the money for cherries” went viral. It mentions a listing of 15 phases of monetary freedom for women. Essentially the most fundamental is the highly spiced bar freedom (a type of snack), then comes the milk tea freedom, video app club freedom, meals supply freedom, espresso freedom, cherry freedom, lipstick freedom, garments freedom, and so forth.


I don’t want cherry freedom, I would like Louis Vuitton freedom.

8. PUA

Pick out-up artists

PUA, pick-up artists, isn’t a Chinese language time period. However not too long ago, the abbreviation unfold throughout Chinese language social media because of a brand new incident. A lady learning at China’s maximum prestigious college Peking College dedicated suicide after being bullied and manipulated by means of her boyfriend. The boyfriend, who used to be apparently a success and put in combination, requested the lady to kill herself to turn out her love for him.

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PUA refers to a gaggle of other folks (generally males) self-identifying as courting execs. They generally have plentiful theories on how to select up girls. Originating within the west, decide up tactics have unfold to towns in China, serving to the so-called “losers” to regain their self belief via pursuing ladies. The function isn’t to search out love, however fairly to cheat ladies into having intercourse most effective to desert them afterwards. In China, then again, PUA has taken on an much more excessive which means of manipulating ladies into doing loopy issues, even committing suicide.

9. 道路千万条,安全第一条。行车不规范,亲人两行泪。(Dàolù qiān wàn tiáo, ānquán dì yī tiáo. Xíngchē bù guīfàn, qīnrén liǎng háng lèi.)

Roads are numerous; Protection comes first; Unregulated riding; Family members finally end up in tears.

This slogan of secure riding is taken from the Chinese language hit sci-fi film, Wandering Earth, that got here out in 2019. The road gave the impression a number of occasions all over the film, and had a brainwashing impact. After the film used to be launched, the road used to be implemented in actual existence, projected onto LED monitors by means of the street in some Chinese language towns. Some say it has to do with an anecdote of the main actor of the movie Wu Jing, who used to be fined 1800 yuan and brought into custody for ten days because of inebriated riding in 2006. Netizens then created heaps of derivatives according to the road.


A laugh issues are numerous, homework comes first; wasted wintry weather holiday; faculty time finally end up in tears.
Tactics to get rich are numerous, going to paintings comes first; forgotten alarm clock; Complete attendance finally end up in tears.
Tactics to stick wholesome are numerous; Sound sleep comes first.

10. 我不要你觉得,我要我觉得 (Wǒ bùyào nǐ juéde, wǒ yào wǒ juéde)

I don’t want what you assume, I would like what I feel.

The road originated from Chinese language superstar Huang Xiaoming in a well-liked selection display known as Chinese language Eating place. The display includes a workforce of Chinese language actors and actresses opening up a cafe in Italy. Within the display, his fellow co-worker unintentionally reduce her arms. He insisted that she is going to the clinic, however she spoke back “I feel some ointment would do.” To which Huang mentioned stubbornly, “I don’t want what you assume, I would like what I feel.” After that, the actor turned into a giggling inventory amongst many for being so bossy, and his line went viral.


-I will’t take this anymore Stacy, I feel we’re achieved.
-I don’t want what you assume, I would like what I feel.