June 30, 2022

Amazon will shutter its Kindle e-bookstore in China subsequent 12 months which has led to some discontent among its adherents. On June 10, Jiangsu Shoppers Council in China referred to as on Amazon to deal with shopper issues.

The verdict was once made public on June 2d, and then many that were the usage of the tool have questioned what they’re to do subsequent because the Kindle’s e-bookstore works inside of a closed-loop device, and as soon as the book shop stops running, customers will not be able to get admission to their purchases. Different netizens suppose that the document codecs Amazon makes use of for its tool, together with the azw and azw3 codecs, are tricky to conform to different readers, which can make their e-books change into e-waste that takes up house.

Amazon has left a one-year buffer duration for shoppers to obtain and backup their purchases in the community. The e-reader will nonetheless be capable of be used thru native knowledge transmission after the legitimate obtain channels are shuttered. On the other hand, those measures don’t imply that customers’ rights and pursuits were utterly safe.

On June 10, the Jiangsu Shoppers Council in China voiced the worries of netizens announcing that “it’s comprehensible for enterprises to regulate their industry methods, however the reputable rights, pursuits and calls for of shoppers can’t be not noted”.

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The Council believes that Amazon will have to shoulder their due social duties, settle for shoppers’ reviews, and introduce extra aftercare insurance policies conducive to protective shoppers’ reputable rights and pursuits. Additionally, the Council additionally hopes that customers can protect their rights rationally and no longer lose their self assurance in intake.

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