August 15, 2022
The sector’s oldest massive panda dwelling in captivity celebrated its thirty eighth birthday Sunday at

The sector’s oldest massive panda dwelling in captivity celebrated its thirty eighth birthday Sunday at a zoo in China.

A birthday celebration used to be held in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality for the panda named Xin Xing. Over 100 panda lovers attended the birthday party and sang the Glad Birthday track in its honor. In addition they ready a birthday cake lined with bamboo shoots, carrots and watermelons for Xin Xing, reported ChinaDaily.

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Xin Xing’s age is an identical to about 110 to 130 in human years. Actually, this feminine panda is anticipated to wreck the Guinness global report for the longest dwelling massive panda ever identified. The present report is held by means of a panda named Jia Jia that gave up the ghost on Oct. 16, 2016 on the age of 38 years and two months. 

With a weight of 90 to 100 kilograms, Xin Xing eats seven foods an afternoon, together with 30 kg of bamboo shoots, 1 kg of bamboo leaves and more than a few kinds of culmination, in step with ChinaDaily.

Tang Jiagui, the director of the zoo’s animal control division, stated that Xin Xing has been rather wholesome for the previous 38 years and not using a primary sicknesses, with the small exception of an occasional hypertension. 

“We observe her well being intently, together with day by day blood force assessments and two total bodily assessments a yr. All her primary organs are in just right situation,” Tang stated. 

Xin Xing used to be born in 1982 within the wild of Baoxing County in China’s southwestern Sichuan Province. She used to be then despatched to Chongqing Zoo on the age of 1. 

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Along with her longevity, she has additionally served because the matriarch of an enormous circle of relatives of 153 pandas. Her offspring are unfold around the globe in additional than 20 international locations and areas, together with the USA, Canada and Japan.

All through the 1988 Iciness Olympics, Xin Xing (then referred to as Qiong Qiong) went to Calgary, Canada for exhibition, attracting hundreds of thousands of other folks. 

A panda’s moderate lifestyles span within the wild is 14-Twenty years, however they are able to are living as much as 30 years in captivity, in step with the Global Broad Fund For Nature.

The most recent census in 2014 discovered that there have been 1,864 massive pandas alive within the wild.